You dreamed of it as a child, and you searched for it as an adult. It is what every human desires: true love. The one who completes you and supports you. Once you meet, you wonder how you ever existed without that person. As you spend hours together, you experience the most joyous moments of your life and suffer through the most difficult moments full of self-doubt. Regardless of what you have gone through, you have done it together. Finally, you see what unconditional love is all about. And the best thing about this love? You can buy it again and again — pending the shoe manufacturer doesn’t discontinue the model. Finding your soulmate — your favorite pair of running shoes — can be a long process, but it’s worth it.

  1. Dating — A LOT.

    Starting out, you tried different sizes, brands, purposes and sock combinations. Through the process, maybe you found a pair that were OK. But when you put on your favorite socks, they just didn’t feel the same. You tied them 10 different times and five different ways. Still, you never found your groove because of the bad combination. Before you find your “solemate” in running shoes, you really have to go around the block a time or two hundred.

  2. The first time.

    You slid your foot in while the reflective designs looked back at you reassuringly. You tied those laces up (probably loosening and tightening them about four times) and rocked back and forth, questioning if these would be “the one”. Your immediate and distant future flash before your eyes. You are filled with anxiety, excitement, and hope. After a quick pep talk, it’s time for that special moment as you take off for your run.

  3. The grand finale.

    Fireworks are going off above you. The last miles are floating away as your runner’s high is taking hold. You realize your feet feel great! Is this real? You wait until you stretch, then you tentatively untie the laces. As you slip your foot out, you are unsure if this could be happening. There is no pain! All toenails are attached, no chafed skin and no blisters! You jump up thinking you could run another five miles — or just take a nice hot shower.

  4. The aftermath.

    Your spouse, friends, running buddies, co-workers, and family feel that they will never hear the end of this. In your possession, you hold your greatest dreams. Finally, a pair of running shoes that doesn’t give you blisters, hurt your joints or rip your toenails to an untimely death. This has changed your life. You gave them a name. As you spend hours and hours with them, they reciprocate their love to you during each run. This is true love.

  5. Forever and always.

    Each time you finish a long grueling run, it’s like the first time because there is no foot pain. While your feet take the biggest pounding, these shoes continue to protect them like a big brother. Not only have you found your solemate, but you have also created a family. As the years pass, your family grows with each new model. Your first pair may get pushed to the back of the closet, but they will always be in your heart.