In this race not only kilometers are counted: Dreams are also counted.

If we had to choose three things in which people engage, vibrate and unite ... we could say without any doubt: music, sports and the dream of a society in peace.

These are three ways to recognize ourselves as humanity and celebrate life, and that is precisely what the 2019 Allianz Rock 'n' Roll Medellín Half Marathon wants to attract. A world known race that will cross the streets of Medellín for the first time in its history, having its own soundtrack to the rhythm of local rock bands, and in which also its participants can add to that desire of all Colombians: a country in peace.

Thanks to the union of Mi Sangre Foundation with Allianz Rock ‘n’ Roll Medellin, the participants of this unique race in Colombia will support the work of this social organization that has been operating in the country for the construction of a culture of peace, by the hand of children, youth and adults for 12 years.

 More than a million people have participated in the processes of Mi Sangre in their programs of education for peace, psychosocial accompaniment and mobilization of causes, and now many more stories of change will be possible thanks to the donation made by Allianz Rock ‘n’ Roll Medellín.

With a donation, each registered member will be able to contribute to this Foundation and to hundreds of young leaders of change; to boys and girls who start exploring a different world from classrooms; to teachers who recognize other forms of education; and social entrepreneurs who dream and believe in another reality.

In short, with this donation, the Allianz Rock ‘n’ Roll Medellin athletes will also be the protagonist of the change that they have always wanted to see in his country.

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