Half Marathon Relay Register

At a Glance

Date: November 7, 2020

Start Time: 07:30 AM*

Time Limit: Must maintain a 4 hour half marathon pace
* Times subject to change

Start Line: Bay Street at Bull Street

Finish Line: Forsyth Park

Course Map: 2019 Half Marathon Course Map PDF

About the Course

The first relay team member will run the first leg of the half marathon. The relay exchange between team members will take place roughly midway through the 13.1 mile course, at the designated relay transition point at Taylor St and Habersham St. From there the second relay team member will run the remainder with the drumstick through the remainder of the course and to the finish line located at Forsyth Park.

  • Transition Zone location: Taylor St at Habersham St (Whitefield Square) – approximately mile 6.6
  • Reunion Zone location: Anderson St at Abercorn St – approximately mile 12.9

Qualify for the Remix Challenge: Join us both Saturday AND Sunday to take on the Remix Challenge. Run ANY distance on Saturday (relay included) AND ANY distance on Sunday to earn a third medal, the Remix Challenge Medal!

Relay Reunion Zone

2-Person Half Marathon Relay participants have the opportunity to cross the finish line as one team! Check out all the details below:

  • Runner #1 starts the race, with (optional!) baton in hand — and by baton we mean souvenir Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series drumstick!
  • Runner #1 completes the first leg (approx 6.5 miles), ending at the Relay Transition Zone where Runner #2 is waiting to ROCK.
  • Drumstick baton is handed off to Runner #2 who begins their run or walk.
  • Runner #1 receives food and beverages in the rockin’ Relay Transition Zone. No waiting! Runner #1 will also have their timing chip cut off before leaving the Relay Transition Zone.
  • Runner #1 then walks or takes the complimentary shuttle towards the Relay Reunion Zone to wait for Runner #2.
  • Runner #2 streaks triumphantly towards the finish, past the Relay Reunion Zone where they will join with their team member to crush the last 0.2 miles together.
  • Teams hold hands or fist pump as they cross the finish line, collect their medals and refreshments and head to the Finish Line Festival to party!

By the Numbers

  • 2-Person teams
  • 2 Legs*:
    • 1st Leg Distance – 6.6 miles
    • 2nd Leg Distance – 6.5 miles

*Leg split distances subject to change

Team Divisions

  • 4 Divisions
    • Male: For teams comprised of two males
    • Female: For teams comprised of two females
    • Coed: For teams comprised of a male and a female 
    • Overall: The top three overall relay teams will not be eligible for the Male, Female, or Coed Divisions

    Relay participants who complete the entire half marathon or marathon instead of the designated relay distance will be disqualified from the race, deemed ineligible for awards and prizes and banned from all Competitor Group events indefinitely.

Relay FAQ

  • What if I do not want to wait for my teammate at the Relay Reunion Zone to cross the finish line?
    • It’s okay. You can go ahead and cross the finish line on your own, collect your medal, and go through the Secure Zone to your banana, water and other snacks. You will NOT be allowed to cross the finish line again when your partner comes through so choose your moment of glory wisely!
  • How far away is the Relay Reunion Zone from the Relay Transition Zone?
    • After Runner #1 completes the first leg of the relay,they can walk 0.5 miles from the Relay Transition Zone to the Relay Reunion Zone to meet Runner #2 or take the complimentary shuttle from the Transition to Reunion zone. Then both runners can triumphantly run into the finish together. NOTE: This is only 0.2 miles farther than the previous walk from the Relay Reunion Zone to the Finish Line.
  • How will I know when Runner #2 is approaching the Relay Reunion Zone?

Participant Perks

  • Scenic Course
  • Live, Local Bands on Course
  • Spirited Cheer Squads on Course
  • Technical Participant T-Shirt
  • Exclusive Finisher Medal
  • Gear Bag
  • Plentiful Course Support
  • A Beer at the Finish Line Festival
  • Admission to the Finish Line Festival and Post-Race Concert
  • Admission to the Two-Day Health and Fitness Expo