I have done some crazy things for access to private porta potties while running.

Whether it is a half marathon or full marathon, being able to go “one last time” to the porta potty before the start is probably the MOST important aspect of my pre-race plan. So when I was preparing for the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Marathon – I jumped at the chance for the Rock ‘n’ Roll VIP experience – which among other things – grants you private potties. It seemed like a no brainer – $75 so that I could tinkle before the start gun…. yes please!

Five Reasons the Rock ‘n’ Roll VIP Experience is Worth It

Every Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series race is unique, so it makes sense that every VIP experience package would also be different depending on the city. But what I do know is that it the VIP package is worth it – in every city – especially for runners that travel to the race from out of town.

Keep a Peace of Mind

  1. For destination race runners that are traveling to a Rock ‘n’ Roll half-marathon or marathon, the VIP area gives you peace of mind and a less crowded space to gather your thoughts before a race. There is room to stretch and you have the chance to zone out or meet other runners.


Stay Bundled Longer

  1. Private bag check means holding on to your gear for longer (and no waiting after the race). In some cases, bag check areas are very far from the start line for “regular runners” – as was the case in San Antonio.

Avoid Bathroom Lines

  1. Private restrooms. Honestly, there is not enough time in the day to list why shorter lines and cleaner rest rooms are heaven sent on race days. As someone who “goes” often before a race – little to no lines can mean going one last time before getting into the start corral.

Satisfy Post-Race Hunger

  1. Do you get hungry after a run? The catered post-race buffet will go much farther than a granola bar or banana – and in most cases – the VIP experiences offer beer and a mimosa bar.

Recover Faster

5. Many races offer massages to runners at the finish, but in most cases, there are long lines for these services and they tend to be very short. At the Rock ‘n’ Roll VIP tent on the other hand, the massage ensures a blissful race recovery. While I did wait for a few minutes for my massage, once Jenny Rice – a massage therapist from MBS Spa in San Antonio – took to my legs for a blissful massage session, I realized what an incredible luxury this was.


A few more thoughts about whether you should upgrade to the Rock ‘n’ Roll VIP experience

  • The VIP upgrade lasts the entire race weekend at some Rock ‘n’ Roll races – like Las Vegas. It is important to see what is offered to make sure you can take advantage of everything in the upgrade.
  • The VIP upgrades sell out. Spaces are limited for each VIP experience – so if you think you want to upgrade yourself – my tip would be to go for it!

Today’s post was written by Elena, a member of Rock ‘n’ Blog, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series influencer program! To read her full post about why the Rock ’n’ Roll VIP experience is worth it, click here.