As every runner toes the start line, within them resides the story that carried them there. Those stories are made up of moments that culminate in milestones.

The history of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is made of moments and milestones created by runners just like you. In honor of our 20th anniversary celebration, we invite runners to share their most memorable running moments with us.

This is the story of Lauren from Virginia.


“If you would have met me just a year ago, you would have heard me say, ‘I only run if I’m being chased!'”

#RnRVB runner Lauren from Virginia began her running journey just 10 months ago.

“I decided to take control of my health and lose some weight,” she said. “I found someone who composed a training plan for me and, with his help and my personal trainer, I was able to complete my first half marathon this past September.”

Inspired by runners she follows on Instagram, Lauren knew her first race would be a Rock ‘n’ Roll event.

“They always go on and on about how amazing they are,” she said, “and I wasn’t disappointed.”

With plans to vacation in nearby North Carolina Labor Day weekend, Virginia Beach was an easy choice, despite the fact that there was a tropical storm that passed through the day before.

“The weather was beautiful,” she said. “It wasn’t humid at all, and there was a light breeze thanks to the storm. I seriously couldn’t have asked for better weather.”

On race day, Lauren said she specifically remembers all the spectators.

“They were absolutely amazing, and they absolutely kept me motivated,” she said. “My favorite moment was seeing my mom and sister at the finish line. As I was running down the boardwalk, I kept looking for them and I saw them just as I crossed the finish line.”

Since she started running, Lauren has successfully lost 89 pounds and is showing no signs of slowing down. She plans to run the United Airlines Rock ‘n’ Roll Washington DC Half Marathon in March and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon next fall



“I’ve developed a passion for running,” she said. “And I stay motivated because I know how good I feel when I finish a long run. This time last year, I couldn’t run a half a mile without walking. And who doesn’t want to say they just ran 10 miles for fun?”

Every runner has a story. Share your favorite moments or memories from running with Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series.