We’ve upgraded your Start Line experience at the 2019 United Airlines Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon San Francisco! In an effort to create a better and more festive atmosphere, we’ve added brand-new LED wristbands which will enhance your musical experience at the Start Line, on-course and at the Finish Line.

During Athlete Check-In you will receive a new LED wristband along with your race bib and other race materials. YOU MUST WEAR THIS WRISTBAND ON RACE MORNING. Due to restrictions on PIER 35, we will no longer have traditional corrals and will not be staging runners into corrals all at once.

Rock 'n' Roll Wristbands

Instead, when it is your turn to line up, your wristband will light up with the color associated with your assigned corral (all colors listed below). Announcements will also be made by our Start Line MC’s letting you know when it is your turn to line up. For example, if you are in corral 3, your wristband will light up GREEN when it is your turn to line up. Meaning less time standing around and waiting, more time to stretch and get warmed up, and more time to be with your friends and family before the race.

In addition to the Start Line enhancement, your wristband will activate along different sections of the course. It will also alert you to exciting updates after you finish, such as the start of our 2019 headliner, Mustache Harbor!

Have questions? Send us an email at [email protected] or, visit the Information Booth during the Health and Fitness Expo. We look forward to seeing you April 7th!


Corral 1 - Red

Corral 2 - Blue

Corral 3 - Green

Corral 4 - White

Corral 5 - Pink

Corral 6 - Yellow

Corral 7 - Teal

Corral 8 - Orange

Corral 9 - Light Blue