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KiDS ROCK Fun Run Running Events

Kids can rock too! Our KiDS ROCK running events encourages children to embrace exercise and have fun. KiDS ROCK Fun Runs are open to kids ages 1-17. 
All participants receive a medal, t-shirt, racing bib, snacks and music at a finish line celebration.

Distances include an 80ft toddler trot for ages 1-3;  1/2 mile for ages 3-8 and a one mile for ages 5-17.  One parent/guardian is allowed to run with the child during the fun run.  The adult must have a matching bib with the child in order to be on the race course. 

Make it a marathon: Through our free four, six or eight-week training programs, kids can train with parents, teachers, coaches, and friends to build up 25.2 miles before race day.

Participants come together to complete a final mile on race day and become official KiDS ROCK finishers. The training program also includes tips to help kids start and maintain an overall healthy and active lifestyle.

The nationwide program is hosted in conjunction with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series. Scholarships for 50% free and reduced lunch program schools and a school fundraising program may be available.

KiDS ROCK training guide

Training Guide

The KiDS ROCK series has provided you with a free, fun, and easy-to-use Training Guides to help runners of all abilities complete their first marathon! The goal of the program is to empower kids to choose a healthy lifestyle and to reduce childhood obesity. By participating in this program, you’ll join kids all across the United States to complete a running program to get ready for your KiDS ROCK event.

At the end of the program, you will run in one fantastic final mile, specially designed for you, which when added to your training equals at least 26.2 miles –a marathon!

You’ll receive a finisher’s medal, a t-shirt, and other goodies! This training guide contains a training plan for a 4, 6, or 8 week program, information on nutrition and stretching, as well as marathon fun facts and suggestions on how to start a running program at your own school.

Kids Rock

KiDS ROCK 2022 Schedule


*KiDS ROCK Nashville:  Sunday, April 24th; 1pm

Register here for KiDS ROCK Nashville:

*KiDS ROCK Washington:  Saturday, September 3rd; 9am

Register here for KiDS ROCK Washington:

*KiDS ROCK Clearwater:  Saturday, October 1st; 9am

Register here for KiDS ROCK Clearwater:

*KiDS ROCK San Jose:  Saturday, October 8th, 9am

Register here for KiDS ROCK San Jose:

*KiDS ROCK Arizona:  Saturday, January 14th

Register here for KiDS ROCK Arizona,, 2023: