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Many people crossing the rock n roll finish line

7 Marathon Signs to Keep You and Your Friends Running

By Rock 'n' Roll, 04/03/18, 11:30PM EDT


Guarantee you have the best spectator sign at your next race with these ideas.

Whether you’re running your first race or are a seasoned vet, cheers and signs will always help keep you going. At Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series events around the world, the sidelines are packed with supportive friends, family, and fans.

Guarantee you have the best spectator sign at your next race with these motivational (and hilarious) sign ideas:

This is no time for Walken

Christopher Walken doesn’t want to see you slow down, and neither do we! This pun will have you laughing to the finish line.

Alright…which one of you fartlek’d?

Any serious runner knows about fartlek, the Swedish training method that combines continuous and interval training. Just don’t “fartlek” in front of other runners!

Blisters are the new black

Whoever said that orange is the new black must not be a runner! We are dedicated, push through the pain, and have the blisters to prove it.

It’s okay! The end is beer!

What better motivation is there than a nice, cold beer at the end of a long race? At most of our marathons, participants can party at the Finish Line Festival and enjoy a drink on us!

Chafes now, champs later

They never said it would be easy, but it will sure be worth it! Fight through the pain to finish strong as a champion of your own goals.

I’d run faster if __ was in front of me

Whether it’s margaritas on the beach, a big slice of pizza, or a handful of cash, we all have our motivations! Get at it with this fill-in-the-blank sign.

I’m here for the ____. And you’re here for the ___.

There’s no race without a little competition. What are you here for? The blood, sweat, and tears? Fill in the blanks with this creative spectator sign.

If only ____ had ____ for this race

Another fun fill-in-the-blank option puts the control in your hands! Hopefully you aren’t saying “if only I had trained for this race” because if so, you have quite a few miles in front of you!

Honorable Mentions

The above signs are our favorite spectator signs, but we couldn’t forget some laugh-worthy runners up:

  • Blisters are always in season
  • Free High Fives
  • Free Fist Bumps
  • Make sign contact for 7 miles of good luck! [hand print outline]
  • Hurry! I’m getting tired just watching you.
  • Hurry! Let’s go eat!
  • Your AWESOME is showing!
  • We made YOU a sign!
  • Don’t Stop, People are Watching.
  • Fist bump here for infinite energy!
  • Why do all the cute ones run away?
  • 26.2? Hold My Sign

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