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5 Reasons to Embrace Running this Spring

By Rock 'n' Roll, 04/28/21, 11:45PM EDT


Say hello to warmer temperatures and epic runs.

APRIL 28, 2021

Spring has officially sprung! Why should you love spring running?

1. That fresh spring feeling and a fresh new wardrobe

Spring allows us to bring out those short-sleeve shirts and tanks, capris and shorts with fun socks. I’m a fan of shopping for new running clothes and shoes this season. Who doesn’t love the new bounce of color in their running wardrobe after a cold, dreary winter! I especially love the new Brooks Rock ‘n’ Roll Limited Edition shoes!

2. April showers bring May flowers and epic runs

Spring also brings warmer temperatures and rain. Although running in the rain can be challenging during a race, a rainy run every now and then is refreshing and relaxing. You can be a kid again and splash in puddles, dance in the rain, and allow your body to feel new. Get outside and wash away the coldness of the winter months. Besides, running in the rain can feel pretty hardcore. Embrace the uncomfortable conditions and take pride in running in them.

3. Longer days mean more rays and more runs

As we get further into the spring months heading towards summer, we gain more daylight hours. Depending on where you live in the world, you may have had a pretty dreary winter. Enjoy the daylight and embrace the sensation of the sun’s warmth on your skin! Get up early, see the sunrise, or go for a late evening run to catch the sunset. Either way, more daylight means you can get out the door for that run you might have avoided during the winter months.

4. A spring in your step and in your headphones

Tune your run to songs with energy and sunny vibes. Add some Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffet and songs such as “Walking on Sunshine”, “Uptown Funk,” and anything that will make you dance and jump for joy! Be courageous and bold in your playlists. If you want to see what fellow Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series participants listen to on their training runs, check out the community playlists on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series channel on Spotify. Our Rock ‘n’ Roll community is so eclectic. You’ll definitely be able to find some songs that fit your spring style.

5. Spring is beautiful, don’t forget to look up from the road

Look at the new beginnings on your journey. The trees are starting to bloom and the flowers are beginning to bud; new life is appearing everywhere! Maybe you will even see chicks, ducklings, or does on your paths. Breathe it all in; take long deep breaths and feel the new life as it fills your lungs with a sense of new beginnings. Spring running allows us to start new journeys, look forward to new races and a new race season, see old friends, and make new ones! Relish this journey, make it yours and begin anew!

Happy spring, happy running!

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