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Why You Should Run During That Lunch Break

By Rock 'n' Roll, 02/28/17, 2:45AM EST


It's the perfect opportunity for a good sweat session.

Two things usually happen midday – lunch and the mustering of energy to get through the second half. Chances are, if you can get in an afternoon workout, you won’t need that second (or third) cup of coffee to make it to quittin’ time. In fact, there’s some pretty good research out there heralding afternoon runs as ‘ideal’ based on food intake, body temperature, and the weather.

Whatever your reasons for lacing up in the middle of the day, here are four mental hacks to transition from run to work and back again:

1. Take A Mini-Vacation

It’s like that old bumper sticker: “A Bad Day Fishing Is Better Than A Good Day At Work.” Running in the middle of a workday is infinitely better than being at your desk…even if you’re running on a treadmill. Take your run time just for you, and turn off your brain. Amazing things happen when endorphins release and your body is relaxed. That work solution you need or project idea you’ve been searching for just may pop up!

2. Eat Like A Wild Animal

You can’t have your run and eat lunch too…I don’t think. You’re better off grazing on food throughout the day so that you don’t have a big meal sitting in your stomach pre-run. Eat a good breakfast, have a mid-morning snack with some carbs and protein, run, and then have another calorie dense and nutritionally packed snack within an hour of your return. Plus, your animal mindset will help you attack your run!

3. Start A Revolution

OK, so it may not be revolutionary, but ask others to join you. Before you know it, your boss will be giving everyone an extended lunch because office productivity is through the roof, and your work division just won the corporate 5K. Dream big.

4. De-Stress Like A Boss

A midday workout should lower your stress level, not add to it. In order to attain this Zen-like state, there’s a bit of planning that needs to take place. Pre-pack clothes (even keep extra socks or sports bras at work) and shoes the night before. A post-run clean-up plan is a must! You will need a place to stash your sweaty clothes, a towel if you’re lucky enough to be able to shower and a travel toiletry bag. After all, this is your little everyday “staycation,” and you need to pack accordingly.

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