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two kids in a stroller

8 Tips to Keep Kids Happy in the Jogging Stroller

By Lindsey Dziedziula , 11/30/20, 3:45PM EST


Here are my tips for keeping your kiddos happy while you train!

1. Attempt to strike a balance with full (but not TOO full) tummies.

Picture this: the run is going along smoothly until the terrain becomes a little bumpy. Then, all of a sudden, your kids are wearing this morning’s oatmeal. Yuck!

2. Bring snacks.

Hopefully, you’ve determined the appropriate quantity of food to feed your children to avoid tip #1. If your kids are like mine, though, a snack will become a necessity when they’re suddenly “starving!”

3. Manage what I like to call “The Grocery Cart Shuffle.”

If your child is at that age when he or she cannot sit still, you may recognize this motion. It’s the up, down, climbing-around, never-content-to-stay-in-one-place routine. I have yet to determine a preventative measure to solve this problem. I’m open to suggestions!

4. Prepare for weather changes.

I live in south Texas where people like to joke, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes, and it will change.” Your kiddos may start out in a long-sleeved T-shirt and pants, but you will also want to pack a tank top, jacket, shorts, rain cover, boots, sandals and a blanket.

5. Don’t forget the diaper bag!

I learned a very valuable lesson with my first child after getting stuck somewhere with no diapers, wipes, change of clothes or bottles. Now, I never leave home without the diaper bag – not even on a short 30-minute run.

6. Expect to stop and pick up dropped items.

You know that favorite game your baby loves to play in which she drops a toy for you to pick up? I think her fun is multiplied when we’re on a run.

7. Beware the older-child tagalong.

To all you brave parents who strap two of your kids into the double stroller and agree to let your older child ride his/her bike/scooter (or even run) along with you, again I’m in awe of you. I wish you luck in this endeavor!

8. Enjoy this time with your children.

I’ve joked about some of the challenges you may encounter on a run with tots in tow. I’m blessed to be the mother of two amazing little girls and consider myself lucky that they want to spend time with me. I only have a few short years before they won’t want to hang out with their mom. Every “negative” is erased when I hear my baby girl squealing and laughing as she takes in the sights and enjoys this time with me.

Can you relate to these tips? Do you have any to add?