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Do Seattle Like a Local

By Rock 'n' Roll, 03/09/21, 1:45PM EST


A native of the scenic city shares her favorite spots.

Today’s guest post was crafted by Lindsay, one of our Rock ‘n’ Blog members! A Seattle native who is in training for Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle, she is pumped to share her city with us! Be sure to follow her running journey on Instagram!

Lindsay selfie

I am so excited for you to experience our lovely city this June! Seattle is such a great place in the summer! I wish I could play tour guide to everyone – there is so much to see and do! You will just have to settle for a list of my favorite places – hey, I have training for this race to do as well!

So here are a few of my favorite places around the city:

Of course, I have to start with Pikes Place Market – love the energy of the market, the fish markets are always fun to watch, especially if you are from a coastal city where that is the norm! The original Starbucks is in Pikes place, which is always fun to see, and we never miss out on gelato at Bottega Italiana Gelato – my favorite is the Pear. YUM.

Coffee. When you come to Seattle, you have GOT to try the coffee. Now, I know it is almost sacrilegious for me to suggest something other than Starbucks (Don’t tell anyone that I am) but we have got some amazing local coffee roasters that will knock your socks off! Fonte is one of my favorite spots for coffee and to grab a bite to eat. the trendy European feel to the ovation as well as the food is highly matched by the coffee that is roster by Fonte itself. it is my FAVORITE place to bring a book, and have a relaxing moment to just relax, sip on my latte and enjoy a fantastically procured cheese plate.

If you are looking for THE BEST BURGER in town, then Uneedaburger. No seriously, you do. There are so many great burger options, and the sweet potato fries are AWESOME.

University Village is one of my favorite places for shopping- there is a little bit of everything and on a nice day, the outdoor shopping vibe cannot be beat. They also have great places to eat, and a newly added Molly Moon’s Ice cream shop for a sweet treat! They are not kidding when they say try the Salted Carmel – it will change your life!

If you are looking to see Seattle from a different vantage point, Alki Beach is the place to be! Imagine renting a two person bike and as you ride along the waterfront, the view of water crashes into the stunning high rises of the city of Seattle. One a clear day it is mesmerizing! There are many places to eat along the water, but HANDS DOWN my favorite place is Cactus – they BEST Mexican restaurant in town.

If your looking to warm up your legs with a little 3 mile walk the day before the race, or maybe you want to hobble around something pretty the day AFTER the race – you need to check out Green Lake. It is a very family friendly area where you can walk the path around the lake, play at the Green Lake Park or stop at one of the many restaurants conveniently situated all the way around the lake.

Lastly, on your way out of town, get to the airport a little early, head to the C Concourse and stop into The Beecher’s Cheese store. The cheese is made locally (you can actually see them making cheese at Pikes Place Market too!!) and you can get everything from a egg and cheese on sourdough for breakfast, to a container of their Mac & Cheese – YUM – and if you are really in a hurry, they also have cheese plates to go. Next to Beecher’s is Caffe Vita – and they allow you to purchase the two together, so you can get your cheese and latte together (so sorry for the lactose intolerant!). Beecher’s can be found right next to The Massage Bar and the Butter Nail Salon. I say go ahead and pamper yourself – you did just run a Marathon (or half)!!!!