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5 Festive Recipes to Get You Running Stronger

By Elizabeth Inpyn 11/30/2021, 11:15am EST

finger pointing to a variety of food

How to Replenish Your Body Post-Run

By Kyla Jones 02/24/2021, 11:30am EST

Eating after a run is equally as important as how you fuel before.

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peanut butter on bagel

10 Best Post-Run Snacks to Refuel

By Katherine Lackey 11/28/2020, 5:45pm EST

Grab these foods after a race or run to speed recovery.

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The finish line of the Rock N Roll with hundreds of people crossing at once

How to Nail Race Day Nutrition and Hydration

By Rock 'n' Roll 05/08/2017, 10:15pm EDT

Good nutrition helps runners develop the mental and physical endurance they need for race day.

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Homemade energy bars with chocolate drizzled on top

Homemade Energy Bars

By Kyla Jones 03/03/2017, 2:30pm EST

Whip up a batch of these so you always have something ready to grab post-run.

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Panini balanced on an apple
Runner in the winter