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Looking for a community of runners who share the same passion for the sport of running as you? Are you searching to find a supportive crew to connect with, a team to help you meet your fitness goals or motivate you to get your body moving? 

Whether you are training for your first 5K, seeking a crew to enjoy some brews with after your run, or have a specific running goal in mind, our Rock 'n' Roll Run Clubs are here to help you find the community of runners that will encourage, nurture, and inspire you to reach the goals.

Experience the miles together! 

Find your local Rock 'n' Roll Running Series Run Club here

Are You A Run Club Leader?

Since its debut, Rock ‘n’ Roll has grown strong thanks to a fun-loving and passionate community, anchored by Run Clubs around the world. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series works to provide unique opportunities for Run Clubs everywhere to do more with the series and sport they love. 

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series is committed to providing tools and resources that empower our clubs and their leaders, to expand their reach, create fun interclub engagement and spread their passion for the sport around the world.