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Rock'n'Roll Washington DC

St. Jude

Rock 'n' Roll 
Washington DC

March 15, 2025
Washington, D.C.
Avg. Air Temp
48°F/ 9°C
DISTANCES Half Marathon 5K


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Event Dates Month, DD-DD, YYYY March 15, 2025
Event Location City, State Washington, D.C.
Presenting Sponsor Sponsor name only
Distances Number value 2
Avg Air Temp F° Fahrenheit, rounded to a whole number 48
Avg Air Temp C° Celsius, rounded to a whole number 9
Airport Must be tri-code DCA / IAD

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Relay No

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Course Preview

Biofreeze Pain Relief Zone on-course

Like a “pit stop” on a racetrack, the Cooling Crew provides Biofreeze’s cold therapy pain relief treatment to help runners finish strong!


Half Marathon Pacers

Estimated Finish TIme
Will be at Pacers Booth
1:30 Ethan Ready N/A TBD
1:30 Griffin Barriss Thurs 4-7pm TBD
1:40 Victoria Summerville Thurs 12-1pm Victoria started running in early 2020 to train for her first half marathon (DC RnR!) which unfortunately got canceled due to the pandemic. In 2021, she picked up running again and joined a local track club (Northeast track club) to meet new people. She has since ran 3 half marathons and 2 full marathons! She is currently training to run the London Marathon this April! Victoria loves to welcome new runners into the community to show them how to enjoy running and meet new friends along the way! When she isn't running, you can find Victoria reading a good book at a local coffee shop or planning her next big trip!
1:40 Devon Genua Fri 3-5pm Devon is a lifelong runner originally from North Carolina (Go Heels!), and has called DC home since 2017. She has experience in distances from the mile to the marathon and coaches runners both locally and remotely. Devon’s go-to dinner before a long run is a delicious bowl of pho.
1:45 Kailyn Gyuricsko Fri 11-4pm Kailyn has been running for most of her life, and has recently found a home in the wonderful DC running community as a member of Northeast Track Club. She is excited to give back to the community as a first-time pacer for RnR, and hopes to support her pace group through a strong half marathon effort. Kailyn loves races of all distances, and is currently training for The Speed Project, a relay-style race from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in March. When she is not stacking on training miles you can find her snuggling her two cats, lingering in DC coffee shops, or hanging out in the park with a good book.
1:45 Steven Ballesteros Fri 2-5pm Steve is an avid trail runner and triathlete who fell in love with those sports when attempting to clear his mind and maintain discipline after long flights while in the USAF. He dabbles in rock climbing and backpacking when not focused on grad school and working at a local Pacers Running store. He enjoys running with Northeast Track Club, Dojo of Pain, and the Ballston Runaways amidst hybrid workouts at Flex DC.
1:50 Sophie Rychalski Thurs 6-7pm Sophie Rychalski is a DC area native whose running career started with a 5K she ran in 2013 with her dad. Since then Sophie has completed over 45 road races, of various distances, including 5 marathons. The DC Rock n' Roll half marathon holds a special memory for Sophie as it was her first half marathon back in 2018, and she has returned to the race course several times since then. When she's not running, Sophie works as a retail analytics consultant and she is currently working to complete her MBA online at West Virginia University. In her free time, she loves to run with Northeast Track Club, try new DC area restaurants with friends, lift weights, and visit her parents and their 3 dogs in the DC suburbs.
1:50 William Curtis Thurs 5-7pm Will grew up running in the DC area and runs regularly with Northeast Track Club. Will has raced distances ranging from 400 meters to a marathon and learned the hard way that the longer you go, the sweeter the beer is at the finish line. He believes that everyone should show up to the start line feeling fast and strong, whatever speed and strength their version of that is. Will ran this course last year and can’t wait for the Calvert hill to make the rest of the race feel easy. Besides running, Will is a Dungeons and Dragons player, gossip spiller, and cooker of tasty things.
1:50 Jeff Smith N/A Jeff had been a casual, if infrequent runner most of his adult life. Then, a series of events prompted the mileage to gradually increase, beginning when his local brewery started a pub run on Tuesday nights. The combination of beer and the sweaty camaraderie proved too much to resist. Then, the COVID era descended on all of us and running -- both on the streets and on the trails --served as a much-needed therapeutic salve. Jeff is a global pro-democracy campaigner, a podcast founder and host, and a proud UConn Husky. This year, when not hitting the track during the week, or getting in a long run on the weekends, you will find him anxiously planning his wedding that is scheduled for November!
2:00 Cristian Diaz Fri 10am-1pm Cristian got back into running in 2019 after being inspired by his girlfriend’s first Ragnar Relay. He hadn’t competed in any running events since high school and felt the passion come back. Cristian joined Northeast Track Club in mid-2023 to meet more people and he has recruited friends to join ever since. Cristian hopes to help others on their running journey because of his love for the health and wellness community. It’s important to him that people feel connected, comfortable, and encouraged as they work on their individual goals. When he isn't running, Cristian likes to try new restaurants and enjoys yoga.
2:00 Dylan Moores Fri 12-7pm After a decorated JV high school cross country career, Dylan took a hiatus from organized running from 2011 to 2021, when COVID and an achilles rupture encouraged him to step away from contact sports at the same time all of his friends suddenly began running marathons. Dylan joined the party in 2022 when he ran the Philadelphia Marathon, got hooked, and joined a local running club. Running has helped him manage both his physical and mental health after a Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis in 2023, and he has big plans for the 2024 Chicago Marathon. He is also an occasional cyclist. and participates in century rides to support JDRF. Dylan's favorite workouts are at Track Tuesdays with Northeast Track Club in DC, and RunnersHy in Hyattsville, MD on Sundays.
2:00 Kristen Schulz Fri 5-7pm Kristen has been a runner for the past 21 years. She first discovered her love for running when she needed a fall sport in high school. She went on to run in college at Northern Michigan University and has been running ever since. Kristen has raced a number of halves and one marathon but the mile remains her favorite distance to race. She loves encouraging others to chase THEIR OWN RUNNING goals and not just what everyone else is doing. Running marathons and BQ’ing isn’t all there is to running. When Kristen isn’t running – she can be found coaching runners, treating runners as a physical therapist, or teaching other clinicians how to write running plans (so yes, still running :))
2:15 Devyn Hebert Thurs 5-7pm The daughter of a 12-time marathoner, Devyn started running at age 8 and never stopped. So far, she's 9 marathons short of the family record. She loves running in the rain, her favorite workout is 400m repeats, and she is perpetually failing at becoming a morning person. When not running, you can find her eating Pop-Tarts, watching gymnastics, or sewing dresses.
2:15 Jess Hood Thurs 1-4pm Jess is based in Washington, DC and is on a mission to make running fun and less intimidating. She has been running for about 6 years and has found great community in the DC running space. Jess hosts ad-hoc runs in DC with her community, but you can also find her at Northeast Track Club on Tuesday nights and Endorphins Running on Monday mornings. Outside of running, Jess is also a business analyst, content creator, and photographer. Follow me on Instagram @jessrhood and on TikTok @jessicarosehood
2:15 Danny Niez N/A TBD
2:30 Rory O'Neil Fri 11-7pm Rory started running in late 2021 as part of her first triathlon and joined a local track club (Northeast track club) shortly after to help her train her least favorite discipline. She continues running to support her triathlon habit and to take on new challenges, from marathons to ironmans and ultras. Rory is passionate about supporting new, (slow)er, and casual runners at every capacity to both enjoy running and be empowered to show up for themselves and for the betterment of the running community. When she isn't running, you can find Rory dancing or hunting down deals in local thrift stores.
2:30 Jess Harding Fri 6-7pm TBD
2:30 Mickey Lewis Fri 11-1pm Mickey began actively running in Fall 2020. After numerous 5Ks under his belt, Mickey completed his first 1/2 Marathon at last year's Rock'n Roll DC. Mickey has been a member of the DC Brau Running Club (Brau Runners) since Fall 2021. When not running, Mickey enjoys biking, indoor rowing, disc golf, and shadowboxing.

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