Tina Fab’s Top 10 Hints for Making “Dressing Up” Easy!

Races in October are the perfect opportunity to have fun dressing up your race outfit!

I have a challenge to all you FAB runners out there in Rock ‘n’ Roll land. Get rel="noopener noreferrer" your costume on at Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles which is awfully close to Halloween! Could there be a better reason to plan on a little dress up?? And for those running in LA ….I throw down the gauntlet. Who can give the best costume? Let’s show the Rock ‘n’ Roll peeps out there who can have the best time!

I have a superhero theme going, and am sorting out all my sparkly details. Who will YOU run as?  I hope my helpful hints will help you come up with something FAB! Can’t wait to see it on race day!


  1. Keep An Open Mind. Dressing up is FUN! You should enjoy it. Check out all the pics online and be inspired. You would be surprised at all the fun things you can do with your running gear.
  2. Be Creative. You can customize your shoes with colorful duct tape or even KT tape.
  3. Do a Test Run. You know the rule nothing new on race day? MAKE SURE you TEST your costume! This ensures you minimize any mid-race unpleasantness.
  4. Vaseline is Your Friend! Use liberally to avoid serious chafing, especially if it is raining (this specifically relates to unpleasant discoveries).
  5. Safety Pins are Your BESTIE! Pinning props (necklaces, anything that may move) to your outfit helps prevent bouncing (you’ll know what to pin from your test run!). You can also safety pin a tiara or headpiece to a hat or visor. FYI – carry safety pins with you (say, in your water bottle pouch) for emergencies.
  6. Think Breathable! Wear Lycra, or whatever wicking fabric floats your boat. THEN put the “costumy” stuff on top.
  7.  Don’t Use Cheap Makeup. If you are going to PAINT your face…use theatrical make-up, such as Ben Nye (this stuff lasts forEVER!).
  8. Don’t use hairspray. This is a race. You will sweat. Think burning eyes. And, trust me. NEVER use hairspray. If you want to set your makeup…use rel="noopener noreferrer" what some of the fab pros rel="noopener noreferrer" I know use – Urban Decay’s All Nighter. Still, I might not spray anywhere near your eyes.
  9. Dressing Up Can be Aerodynamic. Just because you are in costume doesn’t mean you cannot run a great race or chase a personal best.

Revel in the Awesome. Expect some commentary. Embrace the will and crazy. There will be cheering. Whooohoo. Which is totally motivating! Think of all those stories you read about peeps who run a marathon  in costume to get a World Record!

Today’s post comes from our Rock ‘n’ Blog member Tina! Follow her on Twitter, @crantina!