Interested in dating a marathon runner? There are some things you should know!

  1. Check your foot fetish at the door. Feet don’t look pretty after running 50+ km per week. (about 30 miles)
  2. Back, leg and feet massages are expected at least twice a week to relieve tired, sore, and aching muscles.
  3. Expect long naps on Sunday afternoons.
  4. Don’t be surprised when you get a hot, sweaty, salty hugs and kisses.
  5. Late nights and sleeping in on weekends doesn’t happen; getting up early on weekends to run is more important.
  6. There’s no such thing as a diet and eating carbs is a good thing.
  7. You’ll be expected to be at every race, holding signs and taking pictures along the race route and be at the finish line with warm clothes in hand.
  8. Gift giving is easy – pedicures, running shorts, running shoes, massages, or even a foam roller will all impress.
  9. You’ll be constantly asked to go for a run, even if you don’t run.
  10. There are some disgusting things that happen that aren’t always talked about.
  11. Proposing at 32k (the wall aka almost 20 miles) during a marathon race could be the most romantic thing that could ever happen. (hint hint)
  12. Pretend and show interest in topics that you know nothing about they can they talk about for hours, like running gels, hill training, or how great running on a cool morning with light rain on race day is.
  13. There will be a box or drawer full of race bibs, medals, maps and other miscellaneous race souvenirs.
  14. Sunday brunch will always happen after a long run.
  15. There is always a pile of spandex and technical shirts needing to be laundered.

Still thinking about dating a marathon runner? You’ve been warned!

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