1. It’s a solid challenge.

    Training for a half marathon takes a significant amount of time and commitment. It’s not easy to just whip out a half marathon on little to no training, without getting injured of course. It’s a solid, BIG goal to train for, and that kind of training plan can keep you focused for many weeks.

  2. It’s manageable.

    It may be a solid challenge, but it is manageable. It is doable. You can do it. YOU can run a half marathon with training and dedication.

  3. It doesn’t take over your life.

    Half marathon training doesn’t take over your life as much as full marathon training. It’s manageable to fit into your schedule, especially if you’re a busy mom like me. I ran my last marathon in 2007 when I had only one child. When I had #2 (and then #3), I decided to stick to half marathons so that my training didn’t require so much time away from my kids.

  4. It’s a good test of your endurance.

    If you’re considering a full marathon or another endurance activity, managing the feeling of pushing past your limits during a half marathon can be a good test for you in those hours out on the race course.

  5. It’s a good way to practice your fueling and race strategy for a full marathon.

    If you’re training for a full marathon, running a half marathon as part of your training is a great way to practice race-day fueling and your attire. Did that gel work for you after running for an hour and a half, or did it cause stomach distress? Can you handle coffee on race morning? Is any part of your outfit chaffing? These are good ways to test things out for a full marathon. If you have no intention of ever running a full marathon, move on to #6. Nothing to see here, people…

  6. The atmosphere.

    Hands down, the reason I love to run half marathons is the atmosphere. From the super fast, elite runners to the newbies, everyone is there for the same thing. They are there to run this awesome distance, to challenge themselves, to push themselves, and to enjoy it. You can follow Cynthia’s adventures at Yousignedupforwhat.com