Flat runner (noun): a photo taken by an ecstatic runner the night before a race, showing off the outfit and accessories to be worn the following day.

We impose a “loose” dress code for running the Las Vegas #StripatNight – what does that mean? Costumes and accessories galore.

Check out our favorite #FlatRunner posts from 2016 along with tips and suggestions from each photographer on how to dress.



OUTFIT NAME: Running Elvis

FAVORITE PART OF YOUR OUTFIT: My favorite part of the outfit was the glittery belt and tassels those things rocked.

FAVORITE MEMORY FROM RUNNING IN 2016: My favorite memory of the 2016 Rock and Roll Las Vegas Marathon was coming down the home stretch in 1st place and knowing that I would set the World Record and that my wife, Jennifer and boys, Pierce and Grant would be there to see me..that was beyond my wildest dreams.

ADVICE FOR FIRST TIME #STRIPATNIGHT RUNNERS: My advice for first time #StripatNight runners is to plan to have a blast.  It is going to be so much fun and try to sleep a lot leading up to the event because you are going to want to exude lots of energy and party the night away.  The race will be a blast and there will be so much to see and do.


OUTFIT NAME: Potluck Bingo

FAVORITE PART OF YOUR OUTFIT: The skirt from Sparkle Athletic; what a fun Vegas-themed pattern!

ADVICE FOR FIRST TIME #STRIPATNIGHT RUNNERS: Pack for ALL THE WEATHER. I’ve run the course in cold, hot, humid, windy, and wet. Inevitably, the weather changes between when I pack (Thursday or Friday) and the race! If you plan to go to the headliner concert (and you should!) don’t forget the sunblock–but remember it gets cold when the sun goes down in the desert! It’s no fun to start a run with cold muscles, so bring a “tosser” shirt, jacket, or sweatshirt to wear in the corral, and leave it on the barricades as you exit. If you can’t bear to part with your clothes, pick something up at a thrift store or yard sale. Don’t forget to check something warm to wear after the race. Even after the race that was hot and humid, I was shivering after the run.



OUTFIT NAME: Rockin’ Recovery

FAVORITE PART OF YOUR OUTFIT: My inflatable guitar! It was so much fun running with my inflatable guitar for 13 miles. It made for some awesome pictures (hello, race photos are WAY important)!

ADVICE FOR FIRST TIME #STRIPATNIGHT RUNNERS: Layers are your friend! The temps can vary drastically in Vegas at night, so plan on having a throw away while you are waiting in the pre-race area and in the corral and bag check a light jacket for after the race. Also, Vegas is a BLAST – plan an awesome post race celebration with your friends/family!

IDEAS FOR THE NEXT TIME YOU RUN THE #STRIPATNIGHT? I have ran in a gambling themed outfit and Elvis inspired costume in the past, so I am thinking of going a different route with a theme of one of the many Las Vegas shows this year. Think I will look good running as Britney Spears?


OUTFIT NAME: Queen of the Strip

FAVORITE PART OF YOUR OUTFIT: My awesome running tights (but I did love my shirt, too).

ADVICE FOR FIRST TIME #STRIPATNIGHT RUNNERS: Have fun! Enjoy the course and soak in the Vegas atmosphere. You will probably see parts of the city you might not experience in the day – I really like that.

FAVORITE MEMORY FROM RUNNING IN 2016: I love running along the route and having the crowds and other runners cheer each other on.

IDEAS FOR THE NEXT TIME YOU RUN THE #STRIPATNIGHT? Oh…I am thinking about something sparkly for next year …. Maybe even a fabulous new Elvis-themed outfit!

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OUTFIT NAME: King of the Strip

HOW FAR BEFORE THE RACE DID YOU PLAN YOUR OUTFIT? Weeks! I take race day fashion very seriously. When I look good, I race well!

FAVORITE MEMORY FROM RUNNING IN 2016: The pre race festival! It’s the time when you can connect with friends and just hang out and enjoy! Running is a community and it is awesome to be together.

ADVICE FOR FIRST TIME #STRIPATNIGHT RUNNERS: Rest up and save your energy! The whole night is a party! Savor it.

IDEAS FOR THE NEXT TIME YOU RUN THE #STRIPATNIGHT? Have as much fun as humanly possible!



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OUTFIT NAME: Love for the Crew

HOW FAR BEFORE THE RACE DID YOU PLAN YOUR OUTFIT? Everything revolves around the socks. Typically the PRO Compression Ambassadors choose a sock that we encourage everyone to run in. For RnRLV 2016 we chose the Neon Stripe, it just made sense.The match skills just go from there.

ADVICE FOR FIRST TIME #STRIPATNIGHT RUNNERS: Treat it as a party. You may be used to toeing the line and trying to run a certain pace, and although that can be great for hitting a goal, the most fun I have had at this race is when I enjoy the uniqueness of this event. Stop for photos, enjoy running on the strip (it’s only closed 2x a year, this is one of those times), run with friends, and just be in the moment.



OUTFIT NAME: Oops!…I ran The Strip again!

FAVORITE PART OF YOUR OUTFIT: The midnight Sparkle Athletic skirt! The flash from photographers (and my own camera) picked up ALL the sparkle and turned out better than I expected!

ADVICE FOR FIRST TIME #STRIPATNIGHT RUNNERS: If you can, pick a hotel closer to be finish line rather than the start. The streets can be really clogged with all of the foot traffic and road closures turning a five minute walk into 25-minutes. After 13.1 miles treat yourself to an easy walk back!!

IDEAS FOR THE NEXT TIME YOU RUN THE #STRIPATNIGHT? I haven’t decided what I’m wearing for this year’s race but it’ll be nothing short of awesome!!!!

OUTFIT NAME: Harlequin

FAVORITE PART OF YOUR OUTFIT: The tights and tech shirt from INKnBURN.

ADVICE FOR FIRST TIME #STRIPATNIGHT RUNNERS: Have fun and don’t underestimate the heat.

IDEAS FOR THE NEXT TIME YOU RUN THE #STRIPATNIGHT? Elvis! Coordinated with my boyfriend, of course.

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OUTFIT NAME: Purple Pinstripe

FAVORITE PART OF YOUR OUTFIT: Fun colors that stood out,



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