Celebrate your finish at the 2019 United Airlines Rock 'n' Roll Washington DC Marathon & Half Marathon by rocking out with Carbon Leaf! Get ready for a blend of high energy rock, folk, Celtic, and bluegrass music at your finish festival!


 You'll also be rocking out to these bands on course!



Band of Tomorrow

"The Band of Tomorrow ping-pongs between genres and weaves together harmonic sections in a way no other band would dare to. In the same way, their pre-written lyrics don’t shy away from any subject, nor does any special guest find it challenging to make a Band of Tomorrow song their own. This Band structures its mission around an unpredictable and transformative experience - always high energy, always premium quality, based often in familiar melodies and intellectual lyrics, but exploring improvised ideas with every new layer.” - Carly Shields, Ever Upward Entertainment, Denver, CO




The Baltimore/DC based trio Bravenoise introduced their sound of prominent and soulful grooves, flavored by infectious melodies, memorable pop hooks, and clever arrangements, with Caribbean, Brazilian and Latin influences anchored in quintessential Rock and Roll.



Hayley Fahey

Hayley Fahey is a singer-songwriter who captivates audiences with her sparkling range
and originality. What sets her apart, in addition to her writing and voice, are her live
stage performances. When Hayley is onstage, she’s home.



Smooth Gruv 

"Smooth Gruv" is a blend of instrumental smooth jazz & funk combined with melodious R&B vocals coming together to produce a unique sound that is both soothing and captivating to your audience. We bring it all – from slow, sultry smooth jazz to up-tempo funk, R&B and classic soul renditions. 


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