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How to Train for a Remix Challenge

By Jennifer Leonard, 08/14/17, 2:15AM EDT


Make sure you're aware of the extra preparation and consideration needed.

Race challenges have quickly become an integral part of the running community. Runners can push themselves beyond the constraints of a typical race event, testing their limits over miles, days or even hours.

In the Rock ‘n’ Roll race world, the Remix Challenge is where it’s at. Almost every Tour Stop offers several distances over the duration of the weekend. Athletes can choose one race or combine two or even three events for the Remix! It’s not for the faint of heart, but the promise of more miles, more bling and more rock ‘n’ roll can be too much to resist.

Training for a Remix Challenge requires a bit of extra preparation and consideration to help build endurance and keep injuries at bay. So here are some tips to get you through it!

Prioritize Your Goals

While it’s always awesome to crush PRs and PBs on race day, when you have two races in two days or less, it’s not a bad idea to set more conservative goals. Do you want to beat your fastest half marathon time? Go for it on Sunday, but use Saturday’s 5K as an easy warmup or training run. Have you been training for a blistering 10K record? It’s yours for the taking, but use that second part of your challenge as a recovery run. 

Double Up Your Training Runs

Training for a challenge means that you will be logging plenty of extra miles. While some people run seven days a week, many run every other day, giving their legs a chance to rest. With a back-to-back race challenge looming, at least two runs per week should be on consecutive days. Simulate the challenge experience by running a shorter distance on the first day and a proportionally longer distance within 24 hours (or vice versa, depending on how the challenge is structured). Keep that up throughout your training cycle. Your legs will thank you on race day!

Don’t Forget to Cross-Train

While you are lacing up and hitting the pavement, remember not to neglect the rest of your body. Mix in some cross-training activities to keep your other muscle groups strong and limber. Yoga and swimming are two fantastic, low-impact options to complement your rigorous running schedule.

Honor the Recovery

When you’re going the extra distance, recovery is just as important as productive miles. Listen to your body and take the time you need to recover. Stretching, foam rolling and icing are all ways to give your tired legs, feet and hips the break they need to keep you strong and healthy.

Reap the Rewards

The payoff? Bragging rights, extra miles banked, and, in the case of Rock ‘n’ Roll Race Series events — lots of extra bling for the medal rack.

You’ve done the work, and now it’s time to bask in the glory! Trust your training, run your races, cross those finish lines and collect that bling!

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