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25 Reasons to Run

By Rock 'n' Roll, 09/15/22, 12:00PM EDT


From friendship to inspiration, here are 25 reasons to run with us as we celebrate Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series’ 25 Years of Running.

SEPT. 15, 2022

Looking for some motivation to get (or keep) moving in 2023? We know that sometimes running can take a toll. It can take time, it can be tiring, but when it comes down to it, there are so many more reasons to run than reasons not to!

As we get ready to celebrate 25 Years Running of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series in 2023, we want to be by your side for your fun runs and more importantly, your tough runs where finding motivation is a challenge. Here’s 25 reasons to run that will give you that extra push. We'll delve deeper into these reasons in 2023, but for now, let’s get ready to bring the fun to your next run! 

1. To reach a goal.  

2. To travel and see new places.  

3. To earn a specialty medal.  

4. As training for another event or sport.  

5. To support a cause or non-profit.  

6. To try something new.  

7. To relieve stress.  

8. To get out and enjoy nature.  

9. You can bring your pet.  

10. For the health benefits, both physical and mental.  

11. As something to do with friends and family.  

12. For testing a new playlist.  

13. It provides more flexibility than other fitness routines.  

14. To join a community and make new friends.  

15. To break a record.  

16. For recovery from an injury or health condition.  

17. In remembrance of a loved one.  

18. It’s easy to learn.  

19. To explore your own city or neighborhood.  

20. To boost your self-esteem.  

21. To put your workout clothes to good use.   

22. For that post-race meal.  

23. For some good old “me time”, which is sometimes difficult to come by.  

24. To inspire others. 

25. To have fun!

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