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two girls running against the sunset

The Pros and Cons of Running Buddies

By Beth Risdon 02/13/2017, 3:30pm EST

Looking to expand your circle of one? Read on for all the info.

runner in pink, arms in the air

Push Past "the Wall" at your Next Long Race

By Dianne Schramm 02/13/2017, 3:30pm EST

These 4 tips will help you get over the toughest humps.

An incredibly happy runner

4 Reasons Running is Awesome

By Amber Hadigan 02/10/2017, 10:30am EST

In case you needed reminders.

Runner hunched over

The 5 Key Ingredients to Achieving Your Goals

By Lindsey Dziedziula 02/10/2017, 10:30am EST

Preparation is just as important as the physical training.

Friends charactor Phoebe meme

Training Burnout? You Can Learn to Love it Again!

By Cynthia Steele 02/10/2017, 1:15am EST

A visual guide to getting through a training slump.

man slumped over a treadmill

Why Does Treadmill Running Feel Harder Than Outside?

By Katherine Lackey 02/10/2017, 1:00am EST

A collection of theories for why indoor is a slog.

man running with his arms out like an airplane

Beat the Heat

By Rock 'n' Roll 02/10/2017, 12:15am EST

Here are some tips to make sure you stay safe this summer.

Overhead shot of a swimmer

Swimming for Runners: A Primer

By Katherine Lackey 02/08/2017, 11:45am EST

Don't be afraid of this key cross-training activity.

a watch heart monitor

Heart Rate Training 101

By Tony Rich 02/06/2017, 11:45am EST

A quick primer on using this key metric on your runs.

The cutest dog ready to run with a buddy

5 Reasons to Run with Your Dog

By Kelsey Sharon 02/03/2017, 9:00pm EST

We know the saying should go that a pooch is a runner's best friend.

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Displaying Results 41 - 50 of 67