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A TourPass is your passport to fun.
Here’s why:
  • Freedom to choose destinations or distances within the calendar year 
  • Flexibility to change races if your plans change, up to 45 days out 
  • Value with a per race price, immune to race price increases 
  • Medals, baby. The easiest way to chase the bling 
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$259. Valid for US races between Jan 1 & Dec 31, 2024 

How to Redeem Your TourPass

For USA Events
Visit the event and redeem your TourPass code within the Registration form. Place your TourPass code, including RP- prefix in the box that appears mid-way through the registration form and leave the coupon code box empty.
For Events Outside the USA
2023 events: Complete this request form and be emailed a registration link within 5 days to secure your spot.

Next Steps

More Bling!

Heavy Medals

Sign up for our FREE Heavy Medal program to get even more bling. When you run two or more marathons or half-marathons with the Rock 'n' Roll Series in the 2023 calendar year you'll qualify to earn these awesome medals.

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Get ready, get set, GO to your next Rock 'n' Roll Running Series event. Check our schedule to find your next finish line.


How do I register for events using my TourPass?

Once your TourPass is purchased, you will receive via email from your unique TourPass code (which is an alpha-numeric sequence beginning with RP-).

To register for an event, visit, identify the event you wish to enter and select Register. Next, select the distance you wish to run. Ensure that you sign in to using the same details used to purchase your TourPass.

Complete the registration form. Midway through the registration you will see a TourPass code box (it's just above the St. Jude giving section), enter your code there, including RP- prefix.

On the registration payment page you should see the cost listed as zero.

Note: Do not enter your TourPass code in the coupon code field on this page.

Finish by selecting Complete.

I have already bought a race registration - can I upgrade to a TourPass?

You can upgrade to a TourPass and apply existing registrations towards a TourPass under the following circumstances:

- The event/s you have already registered for have not yet occurred.

- The total amount spent on race registrations to be applied to the TourPass must not exceed the value of the TourPass.

To upgrade, please email us including your name, email address (that was used for your registrations), type of TourPass you want, and events you wish to apply towards the TourPass. 

Facilitating a TourPass upgrade is a manual process so we thank you for your patience.

When do TourPass benefits begin?

TourPass holders can immediately start using their pass to register for races that occur within the calendar year that matches the TourPass date. You can register for races occurring in the year of your pass, as soon as you have your pass, so long as the event is open.

Benefits kick in as of 1 January of the year of the TourPass.

How do I use TourPass for non-U.S. event registration?

Use of your TourPass for non-US events is applicable for 2023 TourPasses only. The 2024 TourPass is for US events only.

Once your TourPass is purchased you will receive your unique TourPass code (which is an alpha-numeric sequence beginning with RP-).
Scroll up to select "Register for an event outside of the USA."
Complete the registration form by

  • Selecting the event and distance you wish to participate in,
  • Logging in to your account and adding your registration details.

You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging your request. Note: You are not yet registered for the event.

Within five business days you will receive a second email from with a link enabling you to complete a registration free of charge. Once you complete your details via this link you will be registered for the race.

*This two-step process is required so that we may apply your TourPass across the different currencies associated with our events. We thank you for your patience.

I can no longer attend the event I registered for using my TourPass. Can I change registration for another event?

We can help you to change your event selection, as long as you are outside of the Event Deadline which is 45 days before each race. Please send an email to with the following details:

  • Participant name
  • Email address used for registration
  • Event name and distance to transfer OUT of
  • Event name and distance to transfer IN to

How do I opt-in to the Heavy Medal option?

Enrollment in the Heavy Medals program is not automatic and requires each participant to opt in. Enroll for free in the 2023 Heavy Medal Program. You don’t need to have a TourPass to participate in the Heavy Medals program ~ but it sure makes it easier to accrue them!

How will I receive a discounted VIP price, and how many times can I use it?

A TourPass holder will have access to 10% off for themselves and for one other person for every event attended. The TourPass holder must email a request to to receive the 10% off link.

Terms & Conditions

  • A TourPass purchase is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Promotional codes may not be used in combination with TourPass event registrations.
  • Your TourPass is valid for events occurring within the calendar year dated on the TourPass only, regardless of when it is purchased. Once the TourPass purchase is made, you may immediately begin to use it to register for race distances occurring within the calendar year of the TourPass
  • All race distances are eligible for registration using a TourPass except: Relays, KiDS ROCK, charity entries, and VIP entries.
  • A TourPass may be used multiple times within an event weekend. Each distance the TourPass is used for counts as one redemption against the TourPass.
  • A TourPass purchase does not automatically register the purchaser for any events. TourPass purchaser must complete the event registration process for each individual, eligible race distance.
  • Please note the two-step process required for registration of events outside of the USA. This is outlined in the FAQs above and applies to the 2023 TourPass only.
  • TourPass does not guarantee entry into sold-out events.
  • Any announced event dates are subject to change. Refunds will not be issued for changes to event dates or cancellations after TourPass is purchased.