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Specialty Medals, 101

By Rock 'n' Roll, 01/05/23, 6:00PM EST


Here’s how you can get extra bling this year.

JAN 5, 2023

Running a Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series race comes with lots of perks like going to a cool destination, getting a fun race shirt and listening to some awesome local bands. But one of our favorite perks—and our reason #2 of 25 reasons to run to accompany our 25 Years Running celebration—is the BLING. Aside from the finisher medal you receive after crossing your finish line, we offer additional opportunities to get even more medals. Here’s how you can get that extra bling this year. (Check out reason #1, and stay tuned for more reasons to run all year long!)

Remix Challenge Medals 

You can earn a Remix Challenge medal by racing two days in one race weekend. For example, at Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series Las Vegas you can race the Saturday 5k at the Fremont Experience and then hit the Strip on Sunday for your half marathon. Or in Nashville, you can do the 6.15-mile race on Saturday and then top it off with the 1-mile race on Sunday. After you finish your second race you can head over to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Tent to pick up your Remix Challenge medal. 

Limited Edition Medals 

Limited Edition Medals are earned by completing a marathon or half marathon at a specific combination of qualifying Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series. Each Limited Edition Medal has its own unique design that ties together elements from each race. The combinations sometimes change year over year so check out the 2023 Limited Edition combos: 

  • Boots in the Sand: 2023 St. Jude Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville & 2023 Publix Rock ‘n’ Roll Clearwater 
  • Cali Combo: 2023 Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego & 2023 United Airlines Rock ‘n’ Roll San Jose 
  • All Roads Lead to Vegas: 2023 Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas & ANY Rock 'n' Roll race taking place between March 2022 and February 2023. 

After completing your second qualifying event be sure to pick up your Limited Edition medal from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Tent at the finish line. 

Heavy Medals 

While you’re out getting those Limited Edition Medals make sure you’re registered for the FREE Heavy Medals Program! Heavy Medals are earned for running at least two marathons or half marathons within the calendar year. The more events you run, the bigger, flashier and heavier the medal gets. In 2023 when you complete 10 or more marathons or half marathons you earn Hall of Fame status. The Heavy Medals for 2023 will showcase new, music-inspired designs that will be released soon. Their silver finish will uniquely mark 2023 as the 25 Years Running for Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series. You must enroll in the program each year to earn your Heavy Medals, so get registered for 2023 HERE and start earning. 

Make sure you’ve got space cleared out on your medal displays because it’s time to collect some new bling! 

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alessio soggetti GYr9A2CPMhY unsplash_large
maksym tymchyk ug1uUWSVDPA unsplash_large
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