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Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides common questions asked by our race participants and their families. We will continually update these questions to help you have your best running experience. If you have race specific questions please check the Connect page for your particular race with more specific FAQs about that event. 


What is a TourPass and how can I get one?

Before The Race

How do I sign my event waiver in Active?

How do I cancel my registration?

How do I register?

What is the gear & baggage check?

What is the minimum age requirement?

How do I change my estimated finish time or start corral?

How do I change distances?

How can I check what races I'm registered for?

How do I confirm my Registration?

How do I personalize my bib?

Are Rock 'n' Roll Events USATF sanctioned?

What do I receive with my registration?

Is this event a Boston Marathon qualifying event?

When and where can I pick-up my packet?

I registered with a charity. Will this registration count toward Heavy Medals?

Is there runner tracking?

What if my sports watch goes slightly more than the race distance?

What is the secure zone?

Race Day

What are the race participation rules?

Is the course walker friendly?

Are bikes, rollerblades, strollers or dogs allowed on the course?

Awards, Medals, Elites

What are Heavy Medals and how can I sign up?

What are Limited Edition Medals?

What is a Legacy Runner

I didn't pick up my Limited Edition Medal but I would still like to have it! How do I get it?

I won an age group award but didn't pick it up. How do I get it?

What is the Remix Challenge?

I didn't pick up my Remix Challenge medal. Can I still get it?

I would like to race as an Elite runner, how can I do that?

Results Corrections

Please email with your request. Please include proof of the timing change needed, i.e. watch data.

Athletes With Disabilities

Event Safety Guidelines