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Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides common questions asked by our race participants and their families. We will continually update these questions to help you have your best running experience. If you have race specific questions please check the Connect page for your particular race with more specific FAQs about that event. 


What is a TourPass and how can I get one?

A TourPass enables runners to prepay for a bundle of races (3 Pack or Unlimited) and then select and run within the calendar year, freely. Find out more, and purchase your TourPass via our TourPass page.

Before The Race

How do I cancel my registration?

Please contact the event directly to have your registration canceled. Please note, all registrations are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

How do I register?

Please visit the "Events" page to select your race from a list or navigate under Events to select your preferred race. Each race has a 'register' page with detailed information for that particular event.  

What is the gear & baggage check?

Before you enter your assigned corral, drop-off your pre-race/post-race clothing and belongings at the Gear Check. While you run, your gear will be held at Gear Check. Each participant will receive a large, durable gear bag at the Health & Fitness Expo when you pick up your packet that will serve as your gear bag on race day. Gear Check trucks will be arranged alphabetically and by truck number near the Start Line. Attach your gear tag to your gear bag before you leave it with the Gear Check crew. After the race, reclaim your checked bag at the designated Gear Check area. Please note: DO NOT leave valuables, cash or jewelry in your gear bag. The event is not responsible for any lost items. Gear bags must be claimed before close of the Finish Line Festival on race day.

What is the minimum age requirement?

You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the Marathon, 12 years old to participate in the Half Marathon, 10 years old to participate in the 10K, and 8 years old to participate in the 5K.

In order to register someone under the age of 18, an adult over the age of 18 will need to complete the registration process for the individual. This is due to legal waivers needing to be signed upon registering.

  • Please select the distance, then login to as a guest.
  • The next question will ask, "Who are you registering?"
  • Please click the drop down and select the option, "Someone under the age of 18."
  • The rest of the registration form will be completed with the participant's information.

How do I change my estimated finish time or start corral?

The start line corral system allows for a smooth race start for participants of varying speeds. Based on the estimated finish time that you provide on your race entry form, you are assigned a race number and corresponding corral, along with other participants of similar running pace.

If your training has gone better than expected and you would like to move up to a faster corral, pick up your race number at the Health & Fitness Expo and then proceed to the “Corral Change” table to be re-assigned to the appropriate corral. To move back to a slower corral, simply start in that corral on race morning. No official corral change is necessary.

How do I change distances?

Switching from a LONGER distance to a SHORTER distance

On or before the withdraw date: If you would like to switch from a longer distance to a shorter distance, please follow these steps:

  1. Log onto into MyEvents
  2. Find the race for which you wish to change distance
  3. Click on the red “Change category” button
  4. Select the new distance
  5. Fill out the applicable registration questions
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit “Continue” to save your changes

There is no charge to switch from a longer distance to a shorter distance. If you are being charged, please contact before submitting your request.

After the withdraw date: If you decide to switch from a longer distance to a shorter distance that will take place on the same day as your current registration, please visit the “Solutions” table at the Expo to make this change. If you decide to switch from a longer distance to the shorter distance that will take place on a different day of the Remix Challenge Weekend, please pick up your assigned bib number at the Expo and proceed to the “Solutions” table. 

**Please note you are not guaranteed the t-shirt or medal of the new distance you’ve selected**

How can I check what races I'm registered for?

You can check which races you are regsitered for by logging onto into MyEvents at

How do I confirm my Registration?

To confirm you are registered for this event please log into MyEvents at If you see your event listed, you are all set. If you do not see your event, you have not completed the registration process. Please note, if you deferred into this event from another 2020/2021 event and you do not see the event listed, you will need to complete the unique deferral link that was sent you from Active. Please try our contact page if you have any issues. 


How do I personalize my bib?

You can submit 12 characters (including spaces) to be printed on your bib number when you register online on or before April 1, 2020. Simply type your message into the Personalize your Bib field during registration. Beware of using symbols as not all symbols will print correctly on bib numbers.

  1. Log into MyEvents at
  2. Find the race you wish to edit and select the red “Edit Registration” button
  3. Alter your bib personalization
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit “Continue” to save your changes

Are Rock 'n' Roll Events USATF sanctioned?

Yes, All Rock 'n' Roll Running Series Events in the USA are USATF sanctioned.

What do I receive with my registration?

Each registered participant and finisher will receive the following:

  • Race number, official timing device, technical T-shirt and swag bag to be picked up at the Health & Fitness Expo.
  • Water, Sports Drink & Sport Gel along the course
  • Refreshments and water at the start and finish lines
  • Entertainment stages with live music and cheerleaders from start to finish
  • Finisher’s medal when you cross the finish line
  • Post Race Concert
  • Downloadable finisher’s certificate post race

Is this event a Boston Marathon qualifying event?

All Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathons are certified courses and a “qualifier” for the Boston Marathon.

When and where can I pick-up my packet?

Please view the "Expo" page for packet pick-up times and location.

I registered with a charity. Will this registration count toward Heavy Medals?

Yes, but make sure to use the same name and date of birth. Be mindful of hyphens, abbreviations and spelling. If you have two registrations with different information, our awards system probably won’t send you anything shiny.

Is there runner tracking?

The Rock 'n' Roll Running Series App offers the below:

  • Participant times, paces, estimates, and places in real-time
  • Live Runner Tracking
  • • Interactive Course maps
  • Push notifications as progress is made on course
  • Event information and messaging
  • Live Leaderboards
  • Social sharing

Download the Rock 'n' Roll Running Series App

What if my sports watch goes slightly more than the race distance?


On race day, if the distance shown on your Forerunner is slightly more than the official race distance, it just means you weren’t cutting corners—quite literally. According to the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federation) course measurement guidelines (pg. 20), a road race course is defined by the shortest possible route a runner could take without being disqualified. For most races, a certified measurer rides the course on a bike, staying near the curb and taking every available tangent. This ensures that all runners will run at least the declared race distance. After the race, if Forerunner shows that you ran a little farther, this just accounts for extra steps you took to run around others participants, hit a water stop or stay to the middle or outside lane.

What is the secure zone?

Once you cross the finish line, you’ll enter the Secure Zone, a fenced off area designated for participants only. In the Secure Zone, have your photo taken, refuel with water and refreshments and receive your finisher’s medal. Once you leave the Secure Zone, you cannot re-enter. Just outside of the Secure Zone, you can retrieve your gear bag and join family and friends for the Finish Line Festival.

Race Day

What are the race participation rules?

Entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. No exceptions. Once we receive and accept your entry, you will not receive a refund if you cannot participate, you may not give or sell your race number to anyone else, and you may not transfer your entry fee to future races. If you attempt to sell your race number, you may be banned from future Rock ‘n’ Roll events. You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the Marathon and 12 years old to participate in the Half Marathon or 2-Person Half Marathon Relay. You must be 10 years old to participate in the 10K. You must be 8 years old to participate in the 5K. You must be in good health and physically prepared to take on the challenge of a Marathon or Half Marathon. You must show photo ID to receive your race number and timing chip. You must pick up your own race packet and race number at the Health & Fitness Expo. Race numbers are required to participate. No coaches, bikes, in-line skates, skateboards, baby joggers or dogs will be allowed on the course. Overall winners will not qualify for their age group category awards.

Is the course walker friendly?

Most Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series courses are walker friendly. We just ask that all participants train in an effort to complete the course within the course time limit.

Are bikes, rollerblades, strollers or dogs allowed on the course?

No bikes, rollerblades, strollers, skateboards, or dogs will be allowed on any part of the course. This is for everyone’s safety!

Awards, Medals, Elites

What are Heavy Medals and how can I sign up?

Earn more bling and perks when you enroll in our Heavy Medal Program. Find out more, and enroll via our Heavy Medals page.

What are Limited Edition Medals?

Limited Edition Medals are earned by completing a specific combination of qualifying Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series events. Our Limited Edition Medals change on an annual basis - designs and qualifying combinations that you see now may not be the same as previous years or future years so earn them while you can! Please visit our Limited Edition Medals page for more information.

I didn't pick up my Limited Edition Medal but I would still like to have it! How do I get it?

Please visit our Limited Edition Medals page for answers to this question, and more. [Coming Soon]

I won an age group award but didn't pick it up. How do I get it?

Should you be unable to attend the festival, please contact the event specific email address within 30 days of the event to have the award shipped to you. Unclaimed awards will be held for 30 days and then donated to a local charity .In accordance with USATF Rules, overall and cash awards will be determined by gun time while age group awards will be determined by your chip time

What is the Remix Challenge?

Remix Challenge Medals are earned by completing two days of running during a Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series event. Any combination of distances applies, so long as it is one on each day. Check out the medals here

I didn't pick up my Remix Challenge medal. Can I still get it?

Please visit our Remix Challenge page for answers to this question, and more.

I would like to race as an Elite runner, how can I do that?

You can find all the key information and a way to apply on our Elite Athlete Program page. 

Athletes With Disabilities

Event Safety Guidelines

The Rock 'n' Roll Running Series welcomes participants of all abilities to compete in the series of events spanning across North America.

  • Arizona
  • New Orleans
  • Washington D.C.
  • Nashville
  • San Diego
  • Seattle
  • Virginia Beach
  • San Jose
  • Savannah
  • Las Vegas
  • San Antonio 

Participants with Disabilities Event Safety Guidelines and Policies

  • For information on events or specific questions related to Wheelchair participants, Hand Cycle participantsor Special Teams, please email
  • Participants must adhere to all policies set forth by Rock 'n' Roll Running Series.