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  • 25 Reasons to Run

  • By Rock 'n' Roll 09/15/2022, 12:00pm EDT
  • From friendship to inspiration, here are 25 reasons to run with us as we celebrate Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series’ 25 Years of Running.
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The Best Spectator Signs Over the Years

By Rock 'n' Roll 09/15/2022, 12:00pm EDT

These inspiring and hilarious signs are sure to keep you moving on course.

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The finish line of the Rock N Roll with hundreds of people crossing at once

How to Do a Fast Finish Long Run

By Runners Connect 02/26/2017, 11:45pm EST

Learn how to do this staple workout that's part of any successful plan.

Guy pointing two fingers at camera

3 Tips to Overcome Newbie Obstacles

By Caroline Trenary 02/26/2017, 11:45pm EST

Don't be scared, just dive right into running!

A fatigued man

Why Fatigue is a Necessary Part of Training and How to Manage It

By Rock 'n' Roll 02/26/2017, 12:00am EST

Learn how to embrace and use this key physiological reality.

Nirvana running through the city on a bridge

The 4 Run Types They Don't Tell You About

By no more mr fat guy 02/26/2017, 12:00am EST

Have you ever heard of an Inferno Run?

Hop to It, running against the DC skyline

Spring Back Into Training Smart

By Rock 'n' Roll 02/25/2017, 12:15am EST

With winter on its way out, here's how to ramp up your running again.

Sunshine heart hands

Take the Stress Out of Running

By Kelsey Sharon 02/25/2017, 12:15am EST

6 ways to get your lost training mojo back.

torso shot of woman running on the beach

10 Ways Marathon Training Is Different Than Half Training

By Women's Running 02/22/2017, 1:00am EST

If you're ready to step it up, make sure you know what you're in for!

GettyImages 1209942402_thumb

Training Tips for Your Best Half

By Rock 'n' Roll 02/21/2017, 5:30pm EST

Coach Mario Fraioli has 5 ways to rock your next race.

Panini balanced on an apple

The New Lunch Rules

By Kyla Jones 02/18/2017, 5:45pm EST

The best lunches to pack for runners are right here.

female runner dashing through a frame

7 Ways To Make Your Next Long Run Fun

By Angela Bekkala 02/17/2017, 6:00pm EST

Spice it up with these creative ideas.

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