Rock n Roll TourPass

 2019 Tour Pass Information Coming Soon!

Thank you for running with us in 2018, see you in San Antonio!

Whether you’re running your favorites, earning all the race bling, or looking to rock the entire series, there’s a TourPass just for you. Book your own legendary tour with race destinations across the globe. Get started in three easy steps: choose your TourPass, register for races, and start your tour!


Tourpass 3-Pack

Run three 2018 Rock ‘n’ Roll Tour stops of your choice. Pay only a 1-time processing fee.

Tourpass 10-Pack

Run any ten events in the 2018 Rock ‘n’ Roll Tour. Pay only a 1-time processing fee.

Upon purchase of your Tour Pass, please click here to register for a non U.S event.


How TourPass Works

Choose your TourPass

Select the TourPass that fits you best: 3-Pack or 10-Pack. Your purchase is valid for a single calendar year. You will receive an e-mail from Active with your unique code.

See TourPass options

Register To Rock

Register for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series events you want to run using your unique code. You’ll only pay a one-time processing fee with the purchase of your TourPass.

Processing fees explained

Reap The Rewards

Qualify for some serious extra Bling when you complete more than one Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series event in a single calendar year!

More about Heavy Medals
A standard one-time processing fee of $18.32 for the TourPass 3-Pack and $51.61 for the TourPass 10-Pack will be charged during the TourPass purchase.

Registration for the 2018 TourPass is currently open:

TourPass 3-Pack: $229

TourPass 10-Pack: $645

Existing race registrations may be applied toward a TourPass purchase prior to the online registration close date for that particular event (typically the Sunday before the event). A maximum of $50 per event can be applied. Please contact us here if you have an existing registration that you would like to credit towards a TourPass purchase. Registrations completed at the Health & Fitness Expo will not be credited toward a TourPass.
Unfortunately, we do not apply completed races toward TourPass purchases. We can only upgrade existing registrations prior to online registration close date for that particular event (typically the Sunday before the event).
Once you register for TourPass, you will be sent and individual ‘Race Pass’ code to use to register for your desired events . To begin registration, simply select the distance you would like to participate in, and select yourself as the participant. You will see a Race Pass coupon code box appear below your name, enter your unique Race Pass code in the box. We’ll check to ensure you’re a TourPass holder as you fill in your information, and you can continue registration as normal. If you have issues with race registration, please double check that your name and date of birth are correct.
You will need to complete registration for each race you wish to run using your TourPass before online registration closes (typically the Sunday before the event date) or the event selling out. You will not be able to use your TourPass to complete a registration at the Health & Fitness Expo for that event.
TourPass may be used to register for Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10K and 5K distances around the world. A TourPass may not be used to register for the 2-Person Half Marathon Relay (if offered).
TourPass may only be used by the purchaser to register for eligible races. All TourPass purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.
There is not a “TourPass Holder” selection to be made in Active.S You will see a “RacePass Code” box appear on the first page of your registration. Enter your unique code in the box and continue to process your registration without payment.
If you have used all of your redemptions on your pass, the RacePass code box will still appear, but you will be charged at checkout.
Please click here to select your non-U.S. event. Only athletes with a valid 2018 TourPass may use this link. After selecting your event, expect to receive your entry via email within five business days. Still have questions about using your TourPass on a non-U.S. event? Please contact us here.
You will be able to contact us and make a change to a registration up to the Event Deadline. After the Event Deadline all existing registrations are Non-Transferable.
Unfortunately we are unable to credit charity registrations toward a TourPass purchase. Since you are raising money for the charity, your funds are handled by the charity and do not go directly toward the race registration.
Unfortunately we are unable to move a redemption over to an event the following year. The TourPass redemptions are set up to expire at the end of the year, so because of this, redemptions are unable to be used for next year. All redemptions must be completed in the calendar year that the TourPass is purchased.
Yes, you can purchase and additional 3-Pack or 10-Pack and you will be sent an additional unique RacePass code to continue to register for additional events within the calendar year. In order to upgrade your TourPass, please contact us for further information.
Yes, you are more than welcome to use the TourPass towards the registrations of the Remix Challenge. TourPass holders can register for each day and event separately. If you have TourPass 3-Pack or 10-Pack, each day of running will count as one redemption.
Unfortunately, TourPass cannot be used for Virtual Runs. The TourPass is only applicable to in-person, single participant distances.

Terms And Conditions

  • TourPass purchase and any registrations completed with TourPass are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Promotional codes may not be used in combination with TourPass event registrations.
  • Race distances eligible for registration with TourPass include all distances offered at the event except for Relay and VIP entries. You are more than welcome to use the TourPass towards the registrations of the Remix Challenge. If you have TourPass 3-Pack, each day of running will count as one redemption.
  • TourPass purchase does not automatically register the purchaser for any events. TourPass purchaser must complete the event registration process for each individual, eligible event.
  • Registration for individual events with TourPass must be completed prior to the online registration close date for that particular event (typically the Sunday before the race) and must be completed before the event is sold out.
  • TourPass does not guarantee entry into sold-out events.
  • Any announced event dates are subject to change. Refunds will not be issued for changes to event dates or cancellations after TourPass is purchased.
  • 2018 TourPass 3-Pack and 2018 TourPass 10-Pack may be used to register for any 2018 Rock ‘n’ Roll Events occurring around the world.


Do you #RunForTheBling? There are many unique opportunities to earn extra bling by completing multiple Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series events. Once you’re ready to commit, purchase the TourPass and run multiple races for a single price!

Rock the Pass. Earn the Bling.